sunnuntai 3. huhtikuuta 2011

Fukushima brought awareness to Finland!

The campaign of Äänestä ydinvoima historiaan(vote nuclear to history) has been a huge success. This picture will wake up even the worst critisizers into reality. Big hand for our Lapland coordinator Leena!

April 2, 2011 Anti Nuclear Demonstration in Kemi, Finland

On a windy and wet saturday afternoon opponents of nuclear power in north Finland gathered in the seaside city of Kemi. The peaceful demonstration started around noon from the market square. The snakelike line crawled through the city with activists carrying banderols and yelling facts about the dangers of the nuclear power. The parade ended in front of the Culture House. Concerned finns and sweds gave speaches based on the facts of the threath the planned nuclear plant would have on the people and the animals of the region, the local biodiversity and other problems that might occure.

Background: The political leaders of Finland gave a green light for two new nuclear plants last summer, despite the huge problems occurring on the construction site of third unit of Olkiluoto nuclear plant. Olkiluoto plant was supposed to be ready in 2009, but various problems with workmanship and supervision have created costly delays. One of the new plants is planned to be situated in Simo municipality located about 20km south of Kemi.

An interesting debate took place in the afternoon sheltered from the Nordic breeze inside the modern culture house of Kemi. Members of diverce activist groups, mainly the Äänestä Ydinvoima Historiaan (vote nuclear power to history), had a chance to grill the candidates for the upcoming governmental elections.

I'm amazed how Fukushima catastrophe woke up all of the candidates who were present at the panel discussion. It seems like the upcoming leaders of Finland are finally starting to understand that we are all part of one big consciousness and we only have one planet! I really hope they would drop their egos and work not only for the well being of the people in Finland, but all the citizen ships of the world.

The crowd threw some razor sharp critical questions in the air and the candidates where asked to answer. ALL THE PARTIES which where represented (perussuomalaiset and kokoomus where not there) were strictly against the building of two new nuclear plants and some candidates even neglected the continuation of the construction of Olkiluoto 3. The personal opinions of the candidates came out clear on all the questions: No More Nuclear to Finland!! The candidate of the green party Mika Flöjt gave the most clever and reliable answers when questioned. This guy seemed like he really knew what he was talking about. Regardless of the political party all of these candidates present in Kemi are a good choice for a safe environment in Lapland for our future generations. I've lost my credibility on Finnish politics, but hopefully these guys will keep their promise and fight for our Nature in Lapland.

The citizens of Finland have power for one day every fourth year. This is no democracy, but you might as well use your only vote in lack of a better social system!


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