perjantai 10. toukokuuta 2013

Newborn as a Vegan

serkut ja Mai-täti

kummitäti ja -setä
On second last day of April during the spring winds here at the Arctic Circle our son was born. Our precious came almost two weeks after the expected date. He had excellent time to mature in the womb. The birth was normal and went like planned. He was 3770 grams and 51centimeter when mesured in the hospital.

Now 11 days has passed and he has gained 0,5kg of weight. He's been breastfed a lot! The more the better said the lady who just visited us from the Child Health Center in Rovaniemi. Many people were sceptical if he would gain weight cause her mother is on a vegan diet. Well it seems he's doing pretty damn good.

My girlfriend has been drinking birch sap straight from the tree for 14 days in a row. No tapwater at all. Also a lot of good oils like coconut oil, hempseed oil, pumpkin seeds oil, a lot of olives and some raw apple cider vinegar with her salads. Organic potatoes and Shiitake mushrooms, lentils, beans and more olives.For the benefical probiotic bacteria we drink daily home made water kefir.

We brought our son on the third day outside in the old growth forest on our backyard. At first he did not like to be outside, but now after a few times he enjoys it.  He likes the frequency of nature just like her dad :) He also likes the om meditations sound and enjoys ambient music.

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